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Paintings by Ghanaian artist Mark Buku

"I was born in September 1966. My parents are both artists yet my father, who is creative at whatever he does, is not a professional artist. I picked my artistic inspiration from my social milieu. My perception sharpened as I became critical of the world around me, but my academic training could not obliterate my earlier vision. 

I pursued painting at a university College of Art, and obtained BA (Art) Honors in 1994. I continued with a postgraduate program and obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree, from the same university, in 1997. 

"My paintings cover both ends of the spectrum – representation and abstraction. A syntheses of these develops with the use of figures, integrating formal components of traditional myths and all other components of art. My personal experiences and perceptions culminate in emotions, resulting in a tender and passionate temperament that finds expression on the canvas. I do this developing a symbolic language. Central to my work is the subject matter. Certain ideological, intellectual and formal concerns are shared. Emotion and thought sought visual devices and vocabularies, thus developing a symbolic technique, which continues to define my world of art. "

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